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If you landed here it means we created and protected the domain name you're looking for, and it's possible we've been saving it for years - just for you!

Acquiring your favorite domain name from our inventory will enhance your ability to establish the seniority of your trademark claims significantly, and help you create global dotcom primacy for your brand - because our "create dates" are guaranteed to precede any existing trademarks.

The standard charge for you to acquire ownership of our domain name creations is $300 times the number of months since the domain's "create date" -- this total represents our origination, maintenance, legal storage and security fees.

Visit Whois to find create date:

We'd be glad to hear your counter-offer or thoughts about how to improve on fee-valuation approach in order to help you achieve your goals - and even consider partnering with you in other creative ways you may wish to suggest such as lease/purchase or preferred stock options, but the quickest way to own one of our domain names is for you to create a free account at and then make a certified offer through (you'll be responsible for the escrow transfer fees). is an independent company not associated with us in any way.

Then, after the escrow transaction is complete and verified by we'll transfer your new domain name from our account at to yours.

(Please note: we reserve the right to charge higher fees in cases where multiple entities are seeking to purchase the same domain name.


Concerning Trademarks: companies go to great lengths to develop and protect the usage of their names. Given the importance of the Internet, we suggest that trademark protection, alone, is no longer adequate. The same way a real estate development plan has less value without the land ownership, the best trademark has only limited value if another company registered the global 'dotcom' before the competing trademark date!

At Business Name Creations, we not only help you find the perfect name for your business or product, we have a long-term program in place to make sure you'll also be able to obtain the 'dot-com' Internet association for names we help you create - and, all our domains precede any existing trademarks, giving you the global advantage in any related disputes.

Our commitment is to create and register the ideal name for products and services, names you can market and build upon without the worry of confusion in your market place, brand infringement or cybersquatter-extortion.


Our Contact Information:

Rick Hilleary, Domain Owner